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On the 7th of December, the hard drive in our primary (physical) server has failed. This primary server contained a virtual machine where resided. Backups were performed by the primary server, meaning that if anything was to happen to, the data would be safe. However, as it was the primary server that had failed, these backups were lost. The latest backup that was available outside of this system is from the 20th of August 2017. This backup is now being restored. This does not concern script files used on our MTA servers as these are stored in a different location, all of these are therefore up to date. User data, however, is not.

This also means that VIPs are also lost, if you are supposed to have an active VIP at this moment, contact me via email or Skype miki7852. These will be dealt with individually, either by re-activating the VIP or refunding the payment (PayPal only).

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