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About Us (also known as 'miki server') is Multi Theft Auto portal with 5 public servers. This portal is operating on MTA racing area (DM/DD) since 2011, it was founded by miki_cz.

It started as one simple DM/DD server and grew into large portal. There are DM, DD, FunDD and RACE servers that provide shared statistics system. You have to login to play on these server in order to get your stats saved, you can save your credentials to make logging in quicker.

There is also one stand alone server that is different from the others, it's called FUN. This server is not race server as the others but freeroam one with many additional scripts to make it more fun. There is no need to log in on this server

You can also login on this website where after logging in you'll have access to many features such as statistics, clans, map listings and more.

We provide VIP system where after buying VIP you will get some features that are VIP only, for more info about VIP check

MIKI SERVER #1 DM Only: Online | Players: 2 / 50 | Connect!
MIKI SERVER #2 DD Only: Online | Players: 0 / 32 | Connect!
MIKI SERVER #4 Shooter: Online | Players: 8 / 40 | Connect!
MIKI SERVER #5 FUN: Online | Players: 1 / 50 | Connect!
MIKI SERVER #6 RACE: Online | Players: 0 / 32 | Connect!
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Servers migrated
miki_cz - 09/12/2014 20:27

Portal has moved to new server, we apologize for the inconvenience.
All VIP players have been given 1 extra day to their VIP.

Red FoXes &
Honya - 24/09/2014 19:09

Today were the most visited Czechoslovak servers joined up with one of the most successful clans in MTA:SA called FoX - Red FoXes. Both subjects were joined up in order to create even better servers with no competition and further increase the quality of enjoyment provided to all players of these game servers. Players definitely don't need to be afraid of dramatic changes that would cause decrease in quality of the game, it will be the other way around - we hope to arrange variety of tournaments and other interesting events in the future that will give players much bigger enjoyment of the game than before.

Few recent updates
miki_cz - 13/06/2014 23:16

Recently there have been few updates on our servers and our forum as well that were too small to have news item each so i will put them together here.
First update is new command !mapwins that will show how many times did player win on current map and his rank.
Another updates are on our forum: you can now see the ingame nicknames of members in member/group listings, another thing is that you can now see whether player is VIP player.
Today's update is that when anyone posts a post on our forum or creates a new topic it gets shown in chat on our servers in real time.
There were other updates as well that have no significance to ordinary player.

Mini Tournaments
Netahlo - 30/03/2014 00:03

There has been a vote about a series of tournaments -
Tournaments will be divided according to the results: 1) Saturday 12/04/2014 - Shooter/DM; 2) Saturday 19/04/2014 - DD/Race.

On server [CZ/SK/EN] MIKI SERVER #3 Tournament | - That will run only on the day of tournament and will be protected by password that will be published later.
Prize: For particular gamemode 1st place: 1x VIP
More accurate times will be published min. 5 days before the start.
Brief rules can be found here:
questions send to skype - lubosyr

New login panel and faker command
miki_cz - 19/01/2014 18:48

Login Panel has been completely changed. Login is now way quicker than before as the panel displays straight away, you can also switch between edit boxes using TAB key. There is no unnecessary background and the bug with sometimes camera showing other player although you are alive has been fixed.
Another update is the 'faker' command. This command can be used by CLs/ACLs to kick player from their clan if he/she is not a member of the clan.

VIP System update and more
miki_cz - 10/01/2014 19:15

Our VIP system has been updated. What changed? It's now fully automatic and every midnight it removes all expired VIPs by itself. It now makes use of time stamps. This also means that the expiration date in F3 panel is now correct.
Other important update is the removal of vehicle change pickups on Shooter Server except for Infernus pickups. This was due to kids picking up bikes and therefore wasting all player's time.
Another not so important update is that !admins command now shows nicks without clan tags and therefore saving up space so more admins can be shown.

miki_cz - 08/12/2013 14:44

As you could notice there is a new feature on our servers, achievements. Achievements are set of aims which are divided into sections by server types, there is also a General section. Achievements in General sections can be achieved on any server, while server-based achievements only on particular server.
You can see all the achievements in F3 > Achievements. You see how many achievements you got in different sections and overall amount. After you click on section you can see which achievements are locked and which you achieved, each achievement has its description.
You can also see the overall progress in TAB in the column EXP.
More achievements will be added later.

Conversion of FunDD to Shooter server
miki_cz - 25/11/2013 01:05

As you could have noticed there was a poll running on FunDD whether this server should be converted to Shooter server. Results are:
Yes: 68
No: 36
Didn't vote: 15
In total the chance to vote had 119 players, only players with more than 50 000 points could vote.

As the results show the majority of players are for the conversion. This will happen on 01/12/2013. All non-shooter maps will be deleted (including 7Towers). This change will also make possible the use of our own shooter script, that way the scripts in individual maps won't be used as they are all the same bugged script by Edos (shooting issues with more than ~25 players).

New charging for clan creation
miki_cz - 21/11/2013 20:04

We are putting a charge for clan creation which is $1 000 000. This amount will be deducted off clan leader's account when the clan is being created, if the CL does not have enough money, clan will not be created. The charges are brought in due to too many people attempting to create clans that have no future at all, this charge will filtrate the clan requests a bit and will in some occasions force the CL to find members that are willing to help the clan by sending some money to the CL.
If you are member giving money to the CL, give them to CL you can trust, if you get ripped off you won't get anything back.

Forum and MTA accounts linking
miki_cz - 02/11/2013 14:31

From now on you can connect up your forum account with your MTA (in-game and web) account.
What does it do? Your in-game statistics and your current nick will be shown on your profile at forum and beside your posts. If you are admin, admin level will be shown as well. This works other way around as well, so your forum statistics will be shown on your profile at this web site.
How to link them? Go to our forum and click on Connect at the top of the page then follow instructions.
It will be more connected in the future.